2 Colfax to Iowa Hill and back

Click on the link below for the PDF Google Map of the ride.


This ride goes down into the American River Canyon to the river, and back up the other side to Iowa Hill on the ridge. It is challenging because it is steep on both sides of the canyon. For example, at a leisurely pace it is ten minutes from Colfax to the Iowa Hill bridge over the river at the bottom of the canyon (a descent of more than 1200 feet elevation), but it will take you from half an hour to an hour to ride back up to Colfax from the bridge. The Iowa Hill side rises even more steeply, with grades up to 17%. Just going to the bridge and back is a good solid ride; you enter hero territory to go to Iowa Hill and back. If you have the stamina, you won’t want to miss Iowa Hill, one of the few tiny mining towns in CA that still does not have power lines and electricity, or land line phones. You can get a propane refrigerated beer, and make the journey back to Colfax. The views from both sides of the canyon are spectacular. The swimming in the river, while still quite cold, may be just what the doctor ordered on your return trip from Iowa Hill.

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