1 Colfax_Drum PDF Google Map with comments

This is the premier ride loop, over 40 miles with more than 3000 feet of elevation gain (in and out of river canyon twice, plus going up country). The ride goes from Colfax to Drum Powerhouse 8 miles beyond Alta on the Bear River. Views of both the Bear River, Rollins Reservoir, American River canyons, and the Sierra Crest are fabulous. Click below for the map.

Colfax_Drum PDF Google Map with comments

As with all of the rides, this can be divided into loops. Ask at the desk how to turn this into a simple ride, or how to add to it to make it a real challenge, or how to turn it from a road bike tour to a mountain bike tour. At its easiest, you can start in Alta and just ride to Drum Powerhouse and back; that’s 15 miles round trip, with only a few hundred feet elevation change, as the road is built on the old Dutch Flat Flume bed, and is virtually level most of the way. This one is super for beginners.

And, don’t forget to come back to Sierra Vista for the Luau Lunch. Really, folks, this is a free ride, and selling you lunch will at least bring in a couple of bucks for the community center. We’re grateful for your participation. Have a great time!

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